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ARM Safety Button is more than just an application for Android and iPhones.  It’s a system to help keep you safe and to help put away criminals. It was invented in response to personal tragedy when a family member was attacked.  The event affected not only the victim, but the entire family and everyone around them. Johnny Larkins, the inventor, wanted to find a way so that no family would have to suffer through the same experience that his family did.  His solution is to turn your cell phone into a 24 Hr personal security alarm system.


To see how ARM Safety Button works, watch our video:

ARM Safety Button is so Easy to Use Any Time


1. Touch

Touch the icon on your home screen and carry your phone “On Alert” when you go out.
Your phone will not lock or go to sleep. Your ARM system deters potential attackers. It tells you and others when it’s On Alert. The colorful, flashing light-bar warns attackers that you’re not easy prey. It has a flashlight, so you don’t wander in the dark. It also gathers your GPS location info and turns on the camera.  The ARM icon becomes very large and is the only icon left on the screen for easy access, if you need it. You’re ready for anything.


or When Every Second Counts


2. Slide

If you sense danger, slide the icon upward.
The alarm sounds and pictures are taken at the same time. The photos are immediately sent away from your phone to the private secure database where your profile is stored, so even if an attacker takes your phone, they won’t be able to destroy the evidence or have access to your personal information. An incident report, with the photos, GPS map of your location and your profile information, is created in the database for 911 to log into. The report is also sent directly to 911 dispatch centers that have the NextGen technology. At the same time, your 911 call screen automatically comes up; the call is already keyed in, just in case.


3. Touch

If you do need emergency help, just touch the call button.
You’ll be connected to 911 on speaker-phone, so if you drop the phone or the attacker keeps it away from your face you and 911 can still hear. You can tell 911 exactly where you are because your GPS location map shows on the main screen of your phone.  In real life, not like tv, 911 can’t track an exact location of a cell phone without a subpoena. ARM Safety Button provides the location to help police get to you faster, when every second counts. It also provides time-stamped and dated evidence to place the criminal at the scene of the crime to help get the criminal off the streets.
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Android version requires Android 2.1 or greater with auto-focus camera with flash and a data plan. Apple version Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S,  and iPhone 5.  Requires iOS 4.2 or later.