Our Story

Our Story

Johnny Larkins - Founder and Co-host of The Village radio show

Johnny Larkins

Johnny Larkins is the founder and CEO of ARM Safety Button. He currently lives in Reno, Nevada with his wife, Lisa. He is the father of 2 biological children and 4 stepchildren, which he treats as if they were all biologically his. He is also grandfather to 9 grandchildren.

Johnny has been a champion for and protector of women, children and victims since he was very young, after helplessly watching his aunt beaten to death by her boyfriend. The most common adjective used to describe Johnny would be “overprotective.” He is a second degree blackbelt martial artist, in Aikido, having had to register his hands as lethal weapons, at one point in time. He would never describe himself as a hero, but others would. He is constantly trying to help others, whether by stopping a fight, giving food or shelter to the homeless, or by giving counsel to someone in need.

The following are Johnny’s own words about why he invented ARM Safety Button:

“A few years ago, my life changed forever. My daughter was raped by a 29 year-old neighbor, one of the most devastating things that could happen to a family or a child. It was my little girl’s 13th birthday. I, as a parent, a dad, was torn apart; I should have been there to protect her. I couldn’t sleep, and every time I did, I could see it happening all over again. One night, when I was able to finally get some rest, I had a dream or a vision, as some would say. I dreamed that there was a system in place that would’ve prevented this tragedy from ever taking place, which brings me to my idea for a safer society, a safer environment for all our families and our children. I never want anyone to have to suffer the way my family did, ever again.  That’s why I created ARM Safety Button.”