Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By completing the subscription to ARM Safety Button Personal Security System, the subscriber, hereafter referred to as the user, agrees to all of the following terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy 

The personal information gathered for the user’s ARM personal profile is confidential, password protected, will be maintained on a secure server, and will not be given or sold to any company or individual without prior consent of the user.   Upon completion of the initial profile at the time of purchase, on the Congratulations page, the user will be given directions on how to update profile information. This page should be bookmarked for future reference.

All credit/debit card information and all associated information collected for the purchase of ARM Safety Button will remain confidential and will be used solely for the user’s authorized purchase(s).  No credit card information or associated information will be given to any other party or used for any other purpose, other than the purchase(s) authorized by the user.

In the event the user activates the ARM Security Button Personal Security System, he/she authorizes said profile information to be provided to law enforcement, along with GPS location information and the photos taken, in order to aid the user most effectively.


The $2.99 annual registration fee will be withdrawn from the user’s provided bank account at the time of purchase and, thereafter, on an annual basis in the form of an automatic debit, until the user cancels his/her subscription.  PayPal and most merchant services will send an email receipt to the user, confirming the withdrawal.

The user will notify IIWO Technologies, DBA ARM Safety Button, of any change in banking information by calling Customer Support at 775-223-2877 or by email at https://armsafetybutton.com/contact-us/.

Accounts in good standing will remain in effect until cancelled by the user in writing or by calling Customer Service. IIWO Technologies DBA ARM Safety Button reserves the right to cancel any subscription due to nonpayment. 

 Transferring to a New Phone 

In the event the user replaces his/her phone, IIWO Technologies will transfer ARM Safety Button Personal Security System to the new phone free of charge, as a one-time courtesy, as long as it is compatible with the ARM system.  A transfer fee of $5.00 will be charged for any additional transfers. In order to process the transfer, the user must contact Customer Service.  The service may not be transferred to another user and, upon transfer, the service will be cancelled on the original phone.

Adding Lines to the Account 

Each account consists of the main billing phone number and a sub-account for each  phone line subscribed to the ARM System, at the time of purchase.  Additional lines/sub-accounts may be added on armsafetybutton.com at any time, at the standard service rate.


All cancellations must be received in writing by mail or email at least 10 days prior to the next billing date, in order to stop billing.  A user may cancel the entire account or individual sub-account at any time and must specify which phone numbers are being cancelled. No penalties will be assessed for cancellation.

Cancellation letters must be sent by mail to:  IIWO Technologies DBA ARM Safety Button, 6075 Stonecreek Dr, Reno, NV 89511 or by email on armsafetybutton.com

User Responsibility

The user will not misuse or abuse the ARM Safety Button system, including false reporting of crimes, prank calls, repeated non-emergency calls or any other misuse reported by law enforcement or IIWO Technologies.  Such misuse may subject the user’s account to termination without refund.

The system must be set on alert and activated in the user’s hand, in order work correctly and effectively. IIWO Technologies, DBA ARM Safety Button, assumes no responsibility if the phone off, is in a pocket or purse, is left in a car, if the battery is dead, if the user is in an area with limited cell reception or if the phone is not in the user’s possession.

Photos are automatically taken when the ARM system is activated, and it is the user’s responsibility to aim the camera at a potential perpetrator or emergency. The user is responsible for the visibility of the photos.  IIWO Technologies, DBA  ARM Safety Button, assumes no responsibility for the user’s improper or ineffective use of the system.


The user understands that the ARM system is subject to the limitations of current technology and may not be fully functional in areas where there is limited cell phone reception or satellites cannot be aquired for GPS location information.  IIWO Technologies, DBA  ARM Safety Button assumes no liability for inability to collect data, due to such circumstances.  In the case of defective software, please contact Customer Service.

ARM Safety Button Personal Security System is intended to be a crime deterrent, and not a life-saving device. The ARM security system is not a replacement for the 911 System, but is designed, as a benefit, to  expedite dialing of 911 for the user in a panic or emergency situation.  ARM is not required in order to dial 911.  911 is a free public service. The ARM system cannot guarantee safety or any specific outcome in any given situation.  IIWO Technologies, DBA ARM Safety Button, and law enforcement assume no liability for injury or loss, including loss of life, incurred directly or indirectly, related to usage of ARM Safety Button.

ARM Safety Button will only connect an emergency call in areas where there is a 911 Emergency System in place.  Without a 911 System, the crime-deterring features of the actual phone will still function, and photos, GPS location information and user profile information will still be accessible to law enforcement at armsafetybutton.com, but the 911 call will not connect to law enforcement, and no data will be transferred directly to them.

Most major cities are in the process of upgrading from the traditional 911 System  to an e911 or Next Generation e911 System.  For some areas, law enforcement will not yet be able to accept data directly from a cell phone into their system, and will need to access the information from the law enforcement database on armsafetybutton.com.  The 911 emergency call will still be connected, and the user will have access to a GPS map with his/her location on the cell phone, during the call; the user accesses this map by touching the back button on the phone.   The Incident Report with the photos, user profile and GPS location information will all be available to law enforcement at www.armsafetybutton.com.  The user assumes responsibility for giving the GPS location and notifying the dispatcher that he/she is using ARM Safety Button.


Refunds will be issued only in the event of defective ARM SafetyButton software by contacting Customer Service.  In such a case, the user may choose to have the software replaced or to cancel the ARM Service and have any unused portion of prepaid subcription fees refunded.  ARM Safety Button will not issue refunds for cancellations due to misuse or abuse of the system, defective phone equipment/hardware, or malfunction due to any other software or system.

IIWO Technologies, DBA ARM Safety Button reserves the right to deny ARM Safety Button Personal Security System service to anyone for any reason.

Delivery Method
Purchase will be made at www.armsafetybutton.com.  Upon completion of purchase and profile, the buyer will immediately be directed to the Google Play website, where the user will  download the ARM Safety Button application to his/her smartphone.