Why ARM?

Why ARM?

ARM Safety Button is not your typical smart phone app.

Our system is called ARM (Assault Response Mobilization) Safety Button. Most of us, with today’s technology, carry a cell phone. 90% of the time this device is on our physical person, whether we’re talking, texting, on the internet, or our phone is not in use. Our current phones have access to the 911 system. It’s a fine system we use in case of an emergency, and it worked well for its time. Now, with technology reaching a new level, we need a more accessible and effective system that would keep us safe and keep the crime rate lower.

Carry Your Phone with ARM Safety Button On Alert

Many people feel vulnerable, going out, leaving work at night, being stalked, or even in their own homes.  First and foremost, ARM Safety Button is a crime deterrent.  You arm the system when you go out or feel like you might be in a compromising situation, like you would a home alarm, to put the system “On Alert.” Your phone flashes to ward off potential attackers, and it won’t go to sleep; you’re ready or anything. If you do feel danger, you slide up the ARM icon to set off an alarm and photos, which no assailant wants, scaring most of them away.

In an emergency, your 911 call is already pre-programmed into your phone

In an emergency we panic, and in that state of panic we might hit 611 instead of 911 or forget to hit the send button. Can you imagine trying to unlock your phone, open your smartphone keypad, dial 911, and press send, all while you’re in danger? Your 911 call is already queued up, once you set o the alarm. Just press the “Call” button, and you will be connected to 911 on speakerphone.

With ARM Safety Button, you can tell 911 where you're at

The next problem is that, if you do get the call completed, could you give your location to the police? 911 dispatch does not know exactly where you are, like on tv; they are required to get a subpoena to get location information about a cell phone call, and most requests are denied. ARM Safety Button provides a GPS map with your location, so they can find you quickly.


Police Will Have The Photos & Information They Need!

Could you describe your attacker in full detail?… Probably not. Or, if you know your attacker,  could you prove he was even there? With ARM Safety Button, photos are taken instantly and sent to a secure database (time and date-stamped, with your map and profile), so law enforcement will have visual evidence of who the assailant is, to aid in capture and conviction. The attacker is placed at the scene of the crime, at the time of the crime.get location information about a cell phone call, and most requests are denied. ARM Safety Button provides a GPS map with your location, so they can find you quickly.

We have all the tools we need at our fingertips; now we have a way to access them all at once…with ARM Safety Button.

When you sign up for ARM Safety Button, all your personal information is stored in a private secure database. NOT on your phone. In an emergency situation, when you activate ARM Safety Button, the data collected is immediately sent to the secure database and directly to 911, where data can be accepted, and your 911 call is already pre-programmed and keyed in. So even if your phone is destroyed in the emergency situation, 911 emergency services can still retrieve your data collected. Your personal information is never stored on your phone or device.

The cost of the protection ARM Safety Button provides is affordable at $0.33 per day.

Why we’re better than any safety app.


The Easiest, Quickest Access -

      The ARM icon installs on your phone’s main screen.  There’s no searching, and the ARM is easy to recognize.


We Deter Criminals -

     You carry your phone in Alert Mode with the lightbar flashing, and optional flashlight.  You’re not easy prey.


Your Phone will Stay On Alert and Never Go To Sleep -

     You stay ready for anything.  You won’t have to wake up your phone or unlock it.


 In Alert Mode the Icon is Huge -

     You can’t miss it.  Just slide up the icon to set off the alarm system.


 The Icon Slides Up-

     Sliding upward is a deliberate motion.  You won’t set off the system if you accidentally tap or bump the icon.


The Alarm Sounds and Photos are Taken Simultaneously -

     There’s no delay.  Your attacker or situation is captured on camera immediately.


Your Incident Report is Immediately Sent Away From Your Phone -

     Your GPS map and photos are instantly transmitted to a secure site.  They are combined with your profile         for law enforcement to access.  This gives them the info they need to find you and the criminal.


Your 911 Call is Already Keyed in -

     In a true emergency, just tap the call button.  There’s no stumbling to find buttons.


Your Call is Connected On SpeakerPhone -

     If you drop your phone or can’t hold it to your ear, 911 will be able to hear what’s gong on.


Your GPS Location is Shown on a Map -

     While on your call,  just view the map on your main screen and tell dispatch where you are.


We Will NOTØ


Store Any Personal Info on Your Phone -

     A perpetrator will have no way to access your profile information  or his/her photos….even if he/she takes your phone


Send Texts or Voicemails to a “Network of Friends” -

     Friends and family are not equipped as first responders.  They would only be put in harm’s  way or add confusion, if asked to weigh in to a call center or 911.


Route Calls  (or texts) through a Third-Party Call Center -

     Centers are usually out of area and only add to confusion.  They delay the process of getting help to you.


Complicate Your Situation with Menu Choices -

     Your situation is stressful enough.  You don’t need to have to make decisions from a menu or choose options like:  whether to contact    1. the fire dept    2 ambulance   3. police  or whether to   4. type a text message or   5. send a pre-typed message or   6. call friends or   7. take pictures or   8. start a video or any number of options.  Chances are, you won’t have the time or presence of mind to complete those tasks.


Send Slow Video -

     Until technology improves, we have chosen to not send videos because of the time  delay in sending.  If an attacker breaks the phone, the data may not get sent.   With us, Your photos are sent immediately, without delay, so police will have the evidence they need to help apprehend and convict the perpetrator.